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"The only way I can describe being trained by Lori is, life changing!
My performances, ability, results and confidence have all taken a huge boost since we started training together a year ago.
Entering into triathlon was a completely new world to me, and Lori has been there every step of the way to guide and prepare me. Always available to talk and a support me as we navigate this crazy world together!
Ironman world champs seemed like a distant dream, and together we have achieved it in less that a year!"

Dino - UK based athlete

"Thanks for all the support and coaching you’ve provided, there’s absolutely no way I could’ve done any of this without you. I’m so much more confident and excited that I have a future in this sport that I’ll be here for a while. You’ve been an excellent coach and I can’t to find wait to a couple more races this summer because I don’t think I can wait till next year. I haven’t felt this good about something since I’ve stopped playing hockey, and arguably I feel even better right now."

Ethan - Ontario based athlete - after winning his age group in his second triathlon

"Lori totally changed the way I approach training and uncovered an enjoyment of swimming that I never thought I had. The best thing is my sessions, week on week, are created to accommodate life outside of all things triathlon and with that comes a real sense of 1:1 coaching.

I found triathlon after breaking my leg playing rugby and with Fox Race Team's help, I haven't looked back since."

Alfie - UK based athlete, training for Ironman UK

"Richie was crucial in getting me prepared for my big race. He customized workouts to match my schedule and answered more questions than I care to admit. His daily check-ins to answer questions, provide encouragement, and feedback were instrumental to my success."

Amanda, Canadian based athlete, on completing the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice

Thank you, Richie, for the guidance and support in my training. I was nervous to race my first 70.3, and Richie prepared me to execute the race perfectly, from nutrition to pacing. I had so many questions, and he answered all of them, supporting me throughout the entire process. The workouts were tailored to me and the program was structured to fit around the rest of my life. With his help, I accomplished something I didn’t know I was capable of and secured the opportunity to race the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. After training with Fox Race Team, I feel confident moving forward as an athlete in this sport!

Kiah - Vanocuver/Okanagen based athlete

"Fox Race Team is the perfect fit. Lori listens, understands, encourages and nudges when required, as a busy mum of 2 I wanted to make sure I was training effectively. Having a "coach" seemed daunting, more for people with "talent and ability" however this is simply not true! Fox Race Team is an inclusive, supportive, fun environment to train in for athletes of all levels."

Jen - UK based athlete

Kat, UK based athlete


"Lori is an amazing coach! I was so lucky to have found her. I started my journey to my first ever 70.3 with a very bad back injury. Lori patiently coached me through recovery and then into a full scale training plan. She was encouraging and kind, while pushing me past the thresholds that I thought were my absolute limits. She's incredibly knowledgeable and really knows the ins and outs of these three disciplines. I finished my first 70.3 with a time that was even better than expected and I owe a lot of it to Lori. Looking forward to working with her again training for my next 70.3!"

Kat - UK based athlete

"Awesome Job Richie!

Thank you for everything.

I felt more confident with all the support you gave me especially on the race day."

Daniel, Mexican based athlete, racing his first Ironman 70.3 in Whistler

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